Abby Jacobson is a professional Adoptee Counselor, bringing over 20 years of experience from her previous career as a psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor. Additionally, she has received training as a National Adoption Competency Mental Health Provider.
With her knowledge of family systems and networking, it is her aim to provide support to individuals who have experienced the process of adoption, both adults and youth alike. Coming from a family with 4 generations of adoptions, this is an issue she is very familiar with and which originally led her into the field of counseling.
Her greatest accomplishments have been to raise two healthy, mature sons and reuniting with her brother after a separation of 15 years due to his being adopted out of the family. As a result of Abby’s familiarity with being a foster child, an adoptee, and a clinician, she brings opportunities for offering support, mentoring, and coaching.
Outside of her work life she enjoys hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, gardening, cooking and spending time with her sons, brother, friends and her 2 cats, who are also adopted.